Visualising Future A.I. Scenarios

Collaboration with the Innovation Insights Hub

David recently worked with Dr Makayla Lewis and Professor Lucy Kimbell of the Innovation Insights Hub to get Graphic Communication Design students engaged with the Next Gen PSF research project. The Next Gen PSF project is investigating how the development of artificial intelligence will impact professional service firms in the UK. Working with three speculative scenarios provided to them, students were asked to visualise these future A.I. scenarios within law and accountancy firms.

Student proposals on display for discussion with the Next Gen PSF team.

The student responses were clever and original. For example, one student’s response to the task of visualisation was actually focused on audio performance. The student in question developed a range of sophisticated written scripts which could be enacted by working professionals in order to get them actively involved in playing out their roles within the workplaces of the future.

Students reviewing one another’s design proposals.

Other responses included: a monopoly style board game, a playful illustrative publication poking fun at human perceptions of machine intelligence; a chatbot to help lawyers and accountants understand the terminology and underlying principles of A.I.; and a vending machine that would offer you A.I. personas based on humans within your workplace, so you could replace a colleague on their day off, or duplicate a really useful colleague.